Friday, May 6, 2011

Walk the Walk

The last couple nights, Sydney and I have been walking.

If only it looked like this around here.

On Tuesday, we walked over to Starbucks and got our free little treat.  
It's not our fault that they keep sending us delicious offers for free stuff in the mail.
That birthday pop (it's not my birthday, that's just what it's called).  Starbucks, you're killing me with that amazing little mini morsel of goodness.  

Tonight, we walked over to Alberson's to get Haagen Daaz Ice Cream. 
Walking to get something like ice cream, somehow makes us feel better. 
Don't judge! 

We miss living in the big city with no car.  We probably walked an hour everyday at least and we didn't complain... much.  It didn't matter that we had to walk 15 minutes both ways to get to and from the grocery store and then had to carry the loaded bags home, cutting off circulation to our fingers.  

Of course, some days it would have been nice to have a car.  Like that time it started pouring while we were in the grocery store.  We decided to walk home in the rain rather than wait it out.  We almost never were prepared with an umbrella.  Of course, that happened to be the day when there were a bus load of guys(where did they all come from?) sitting on the steps to our apartment, perfect timing for them to all stare at us as we ran into the building.  You know how your clothes hang and cling on to you when they are soaked?  Hello, boys!  Awkward.

We walked so much, but it didn't matter how long it took, because we had the time.  Some days time didn't matter at all.  It was a weird feeling. Something that I miss, now when we complain if we can't find a parking spot relatively close to the door.  What is wrong with us?  How quickly we revert back to our busy, fast track way of thinking.  

That's why we are deciding to walk, even if it is just for our favorite sweet treats.
We have no shame. 
Join us!

1 comment:

Ramsey said...

Walking for ice cream totally justifies eating the ice cream in my book.

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