Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Little Car That Could Not

Have you ever been riding in a car and driving up a pretty steady incline when suddenly the driver pulls over and asks you to switch seats with another passenger in order to balance out the weight in the vehicle, because if you don't, you just might not make it up that hill?  Oh, you've never had that happen to you?  I have.  Only in Malaysia. 

Apparently, the cars there are just not built strong enough to make it up slight inclines with passengers of the non asian variety.  One time, the parking lot was down this little hill and our friend asked us to all wait on the top of the hill, because you know it just might not make it up with all of us behemoths.  As if I wasn't already feeling a little on the porky side after eating my weight in cheese naan, no now I'm being told the car can't even handle me without going all The Little Engine That Could, "I think I can I think I can I think I can..."  And we're not even overweight.  What would they ever do if they were in the Midwest?

We didn't have a car so we would all pile into our friend's cars, but what's funny is that the largest person would have to sit in the middle, the most uncomfortable and cramped spot in the car.  Again, to make sure the car was in proper balance and then could function properly.  It's a wonder these cars even run with their delicate dispositions.

Our roommate had a car that a friend let her use.  It was called Llamaji, which means something like old man in Japanese, I believe.  It was an ancient Datsun and was on it's last leg.  Now that car could barely get up a hill and for some reason we would all talk to the car, "Come on, Llamaji.  You can do it, Llamaji."  As if our words could will the wheezing old man to keep breathing, keep going for just a bit more.

Then there was that time there was a cockroach in the car!!
Good memories, I dare say.

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