Thursday, May 26, 2011

It Has Arrived!

Frozen custard, that is.  Growing up in the Midwest, we lived on frozen custard.  It was part of our balanced diet of whole grains, vegetables, proteins, CHEESE and then a big ol' spot for frozen custard.  If you haven't tried it before, you've got to run, not walk, to your local custard stand.  Don't have one in your city?  They deliver.  I won't put up with any excuses.  Or just live your life sad and frozen custardless.  Up to you.

You all are probably wondering what is so special about this stuff?  Well, I can't really explain it.  It's like ice cream but creamier and I would say it has a richer flavor.  If you want to get all technical, google it.  Maybe there is a Mr. Rogers video on How They Make Frozen Custard?  Look it up.  I just know there are eggs in it.  I base everything on the taste.  And each custard place has puts their little twist on it.  One place has the best scoop of plain custard.  Another place has great shakes.  In St. Louis, there is a place with the best sundaes.  This is all in this humble frozen custard connoisseur's opinion.

This is Syd excited for some butterscotch, salted pecan, vanilla custard action!
Also, see that shirt?  We saw something similar at Anthropology.  Syd decided she could recreate the look by knitting and sewing on that collar to a tank she already had.  Amazing, don't you think?

When we moved from Wisconsin to Arizona and there were no frozen custard places, we were quite disappointed.  It is burning hot here how many months out of the year and still there were no frozen treats to be found to cool us down.  Along with a lack of a decent water park, amusement park, or summer music festival.  Wisconsin has all of these.  It would be freezing outside and we would go to the ginormous water park.  Here there is perfect water park weather and we had Justin's Water World. The water slides had barely a trickle of water running down them.  We got stuck in the middle and had to push ourselves down.  Yes, it was that bad.  There were good times making fun of how horribly lame it was, but I digress.  You get the picture, that there is something wrong with this picture.

This is it!  Don't be drooling now.  Drooler's don't make friends. 

Now we finally have frozen custard.  It's delicious.  Go get some.

If you want to make your own sundae,  just make sure to say I want the Sundae My Way.  Sydney ordered a strawberry sundae with pecans.  She got charged a dollar more than the Sundae My Way, which on the menu says comes with three toppings of your choice.  The guys at the counter said since she didn't say I want the Sundae My Way, they rang up a vanilla sundae with two additional toppings for 50 cents each.  What is a vanilla sundae, pray tell?  A scoop of vanilla with a scoop of vanilla?  I'm confused.  They may need to get some new workers in there who have some common sense.   Maybe they were just all jacked up on custard, in which case I will forgive them this once.  The custard is tasty though.  We'll be back, even with the whole sundae debacle.

Now all we need is the water park, amusement park, and music festival.  Am I asking too much?

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