Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mail From Singapore

When we came back from our little weekend trip, we had mail waiting for us!  Yes, I know, what is mail?  I'll tell you.  It comes in an envelope and has your address and a stamp on it.  Remember now?  It's so rare to ever get anything in the mail besides junk or bills.  What a nice surprise!  It wasn't just any old mail.  It was a care package from Malaysia.  What could it be?  You will never guess, because I know I wouldn't have been able to. 

It was a little notebook. 

Now I just kind of laughed, because seriously the postage to send this little notebook to us is probably triple the cost of the actual notebook.  Then I saw the little card that came with it.  A short little message and even personal drawings of me and Syd from a deaf girl in Singapore that we spent all of one day with there. 

Just when you start thinking did we even accomplish anything while we were in Asia for those five months? Was it worth it?  Obviously we made an impression for her to want to send us something in the mail all the way around the world a whole year later.  Wow. 

I really want to go back.

Also, I can't get the above text to align left.  I'm slightly annoyed. 

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kirstyb said...

sounds like you had fun xx

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