Thursday, February 24, 2011

Make It Work!


Poor sad, little dresser.  
It was turning yellow and depressing sitting in my closet.
If there were Prozac for dressers... 


Fresh coat of spiffy new paint with crackling.  
Happy Dresser! 

Also, doesn't help that the first picture is in our garage with the harsh concrete floors compared to in Syd's room with the nice mustard wall as a backdrop.  Kind of like those before and after diet/workout pictures.  The before picture they are always slouching and pale.  Whereas in the after pictures they are standing tall with a miraculous spray tan.  Hmm, I'm sure they didn't plan that one.  *ping* 


Check out that hanging artwork with the pictures... Meh...


Turned sideways it becomes an aesthetically pleasing holder for our necklaces.
Don't you just hate when they get all tangled?  We don't have to worry about that anymore!

All of these new creations have somehow ended up in Sydney's room.  
How did she manage that?

Next project, maybe.  


I am dying to get my hands on some chalkboard paint and go crazy with it.
And this one will be all mine! 

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