Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Little Old Door That Could

I never was a big fan of thrift shopping.  I usually just went to the typical mainstream stores in the local mall.  It seemed easier than sifting through racks and racks of clothes that were tattered, stained, or old just to find one good thing or maybe nothing at all.

I've changed my tune, due to the fact of actually finding some great original pieces at thrift stores in town for the fraction of the price.  Once you start seeing results, it's hard to stop.  I've learned what I can find at thrift stores and what I'm going to need to get at a regular store.  Pretty much, I don't go near the pants.  I need long pants and they are hard enough to find in regular stores. I stay away from plain staple tops, because most of the time I can get these at other stores in the clearance racks for the same price.  I have been able to find skirts, blouses, jackets, scarves, etc.  Oh and those sweet boots in my profile picture.  Four bucks.  I am not kidding! 

One store that has treated us very well is the 22nd Street Thrift Store.  I went there the other day with my new Thrifting Buddy.  We had a blast with our guilt-free shopping.  Seriously, you can clean out the place and not leave much of a dent in your wallet.  They have a coupon that you can print off their website for 50% off your whole purchase.  Not just one item.  Your. Whole. Purchase.  That's what I'm talking about!  Welcome to the wide world of thrifting!  

Found this skirt with the tags still on it.
Scored for $4.

This is how I styled it.  This is the same skirt, I swear.  The lighting was not cooperating.

How do you like my door?  Yes, we have had this great rustic old door just hanging around our house for awhile now.  I pulled it out because it needed some love.  This antique door was also thrifted up in Door County, WI.  Where else.  We picked it up at this great architectural graveyard of sorts.  Have you been to one of those places?  Your imagination could run wild with the endless design ideas to bring life to these ancient pieces.  Do you ever wonder where they came from?  Like this door.  Where was it before?  What grand people have swung it open or slammed it shut?  

My parents brought it home and had it leaning up against the wall in our living room.  Friends would come over and say, "What's up with the door?"  Oh yeah, that old thing.  It's just our door.  What.  You don't have one like it at your house?  How sad.  

The door managed to make the trip all the way to Tucson.  In a room where there was too much furniture for the square footage, impossible to fit everything in, the door made the cut with it's small footprint against the wall.  My parents threw a Mexican blanket over it and called it a day.  

Now it's the doors time to move on or maybe it's our time to move on from the door.  We had it in our last few garage sales and there were no buyers.  Can you imagine?  We can't go carrying this door with us everywhere we go, sadly.  I think you could do some pretty great stuff with it, though.  Wouldn't it make a great headboard?  

The door might be here for a little while longer and I think I'm in love, especially now that that Mexican blanket is nowhere in sight.  Come on, show it some love or give it a new home.  Going once... Going twice...
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Rebecca said...

Um, where'd you get your shoes, please?

Taylor said...

Dsw online. Seychelles. I lurve them!

I have a lot of nicknames, my favorite is Megs. said...

There is very little better than 22nd Street Thrift Store.

Taylor said...

I know right!!

Jaymi Shiane Barnes said...

That thrift store is pretty much the only thing I miss about Tucson, other than people. ;)

MandG's Mommy said...

My parents would take that door in a heartbeat! Just ask Becky! :) Oh and hi. I am looking through the blogs Cyd is following and finding all kinds of people I know. :)

Taylor said...

I will definitely keep that in mind. And Hi, glad you found me. ;)

Meagan said...

Love the black skirt paired with the brown belt!

Cathy said...

haha. Old door yet it will become an antique in the future and it will surely be expensive.haha. btw, love the red tights. Lovely!

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