Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feeling Congested

I've been feeling a bit congested.  Somehow saying I feel congested makes my current state sound better and also prevents people from jumping down my throat for going out with a touch of a cold and spreading germs.  I work tonight and then I'm home free, for three days at least.  Also, I'm checking my Ph levels and popping those vitamins like no body's business.  I will kill you, Congestion!

I decided to stay home today, sleep in, check my ph's, pop those vitamins, cozy up under a blanket, and watch Gilmore Girls.  This show just doesn't get old!  Gilmore Girls.  Watch it.  Love it.  I've decided I probably could move back to a small town if it was like Stars Hollow.  Charming little downtown, unique shops where everyone knows you by name, quirky people, adorable old Victorian to call home, and only a hop skip and jump over to NYC or Boston.  Yup, I could deal with that.

Stars Hollow 

Still I am drawn to the city.  You can get the same amount of charm in some of the unique neighborhoods hidden in the big city, just with loads more people to share it with.  The city attracts the explorer in me with never ending nooks and crannies to find yourself in, wherein to discover precious treasures.  I like the constant hum of people going about their daily lives.  It's comforting.  You are able to share fleeting moments with complete strangers when you least expect it, whether it be walking that stretch of street with them, passing in the subway, or at the local cafe.  People are fascinating and can make an impact on you that can stick with you forever.  Living in Kuala Lumpur for five months gave us a brief taste of that kind of life and it was delicious.  Now back here, I'm feeling congested. 

My city apartment if I was rich like Helena Christensen. Swooning!
{Images by The Selby, via here}

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